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As a part of strategy to translate the above philosophy into implementable action programme, the MP MFP Federation has started following initiatives :

State Bio-diversity board constituted

  • Hon'ble CM as the chairman and Dr. M.S. Swaminathan as advisor.

  • 3 inter-disciplinary committees constituted to prepare strategies.

Establishment of PPAs

  • 10 PPAs have been established .

  • Eventually every district will be covered under PPA.

Legal Framework Evolved

  • M.P. Laghu Van Upaj (Gram Sabhaon ko Swamitwa ka Sandan) Vidheyak, 1999 sent to GOI for approval
  • New state government resolution regarding sharing of all forest products including timber and bamboo from good forest areas with the JFM committees .
  • Enhancement of collection rates of some NWFP.

Enhancement of collection rates of some NWFPs

S.No. Forest produce. Collection Rate (in Rs/ Quintal)
1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
1. Tendu leaves (Diaspyros melanoxylon) 350 350 400 400 400
2. Salseeds (Shorea robusta) 160 200 300 300 320
3. Harra (Terminalia chebula) 130 170 200 300 550
4. Bal harra 400 400 450 500 900
5. Kacharia 200 300 350 400 700
6. Kullu gum(Sterculia urens) 1750-3000 1750-3000 1750-3000 1750-3000 5000
7. Dhaora gum 1700 1870 2060 2300-3000 3500-4500
8. Salai gum 1550 1550 1800 2000 3000

These interventions by the MFP Federation have led to increased assured wages to the MFP gatherers in the interior areas where there are on employment opportunities otherwise . In this process, they got around Rs 100 million in wages for produce other than Tendu leaves as against Rs 30 million received last year. Series of such well-orchestrated interventions can substantially enhance the well being of the poor forest dwellers.

To sum up People's Protected Areas (PPA) envisions a people friendly framework for sustainable forest development, livelihood security and biodiversity conservation through non-wood forest products. The approach aims at conversion of Open Access Resource into Community Controlled Natural Resource via legal and socio-cultural mileu with due emphasis on equity so that the forest dwellers do not remain mere wage earners or passive gatherers of the forest produce but become pride owners or the assets thus generated .

The M.P M.F.P (T&D) Federation Ltd. will act as a facilitator for establishment or People 's Protected Areas (PPA) so that they become Poor People's Pool of Assets (PPA).


We do not claim that we have been able to find answers to all the problems but we strongly believe that as the programme will unfold ,a variety of issues and confilicts will crop up and their solutions will be provided by the community themselves. That is why we have placed very strong emphasis on highest concern and respect for the people and their traditional knowledge along with care and share philosophy

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