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In addition to Nationalised Non wood Forest Products namely Tendu Leaves, Chebulic myrobolan or Harra, Sal Seed and Gums, a number of very important and valuable non-nationalised Non wood Forest Products like Mahua Aonla, Chirota, Neem, Mahul Patta, Chironji, Honey, Tamarind etc. are also found in the forests of Madhya Pradesh. The villagers are free to collect and sell these produce. Generally, after meeting their own requirements, the villagers sell the balance quantity to small local traders or middlemen at very low rates. These middlemen, in turn, earn huge profits from these produce.

Therefore, with a view to save these villagers from the exploitation by the middlemen, the collection of these Non wood Forest Products was started through Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Societies from 1995-96. Primary Societies purchase these produce from the villagers and later on sell the collected produce in bigger markets. All the decisions regarding the quantity and rate of purchase and sale are taken by the elected officials of the Primary Cooperative Societies and District Unions. The forest officials give all necessary help and guidance to them. The Federation gathers information regarding the market price and supply conditions and transfers this information to the District unions, so that the produce collected by the societies can be conveniently sold at remunerative prices.

In year 1998-99 about 12,188.60 Qntls. of Non-nationalised NWFP was collected through the Primary Societies. The details of itemwise quantity collected is given in the table below :

S.No. Name of the NWFP Quantity
(in Qntls)
Local English Botanical
1 Achar-guthli Chironji Buchanania lanzan 466.00
2 Aonla Indian Gooseberry Phyllanthus emblica 5,692.00
3 Aonla(Dry) Indian Goosebery Phyllanthus emblica 15.00
4 Baheda Bellirie Myrobalaon Terminalia bellerica 264.00
5 Chirota Seed Cassia tora 404.00
a Honey Honey   6.00
b Imli Tamarind Tamarindus indica 150.00
c Mahua flower Madhuca indica 1,555.00
6 Mahua Gulli Mahua Madhuca indica 20.00
7 Mahul Patta Mahul Patta Bauhinia vahlii 2,675.00
8 Safed Musli Safed Musli Chlorophytum tuberosum 4.00
9 Nagarmotha Roots Motha Cypersus rotundus 51.00
10 Satawar Wild Shatawar Asparagus racemosus 28.60
11 Others 858.00
Total 12,188.60

District Unions and Primary Societies have been authorized for the disposal of these items.

Action has also been initiated to enroll the primary societies as members of the National Federation of Cooperatives working under the Ministry of welfare, Government of India, so that they can get working capital and share capital to conduct trade in these NWFPs more efficiently.


The federation has also taken up plantations of some important minor forest produce and plants of medicinal value under a centrally sponsored scheme 1999. Such plantations were raised over 400 hectares in 9 districts and over 600 hectares 13 districts.

In situ conservation and development of minor forest produce over 3300 hectares and ex- site development over 520 hectares has been taken up in 10 districts this year under another scheme of government of India . In site conservation and development of medicinal plants over 4400 hectare and ex-site development over 100 hectare is being taken up in Katni district under a scheme of govt. of India, health ministry.


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