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A Boswellia treeGums extracted from Kullu
(Sterculia urens) and Salai (Boswellia serrata) trees are valuable forest produce. In addition gum from Axle Wood tree or Dhaoda (Anogeissus latofoia), Cutch tree or Khair (Acacia Catechu) and Indian gum arabic tree or Babool (Acacia nilotica) are also extracted and are economically important.
These Gums came under the category of Nationalised Minor Forest Produce. Extraction of these gums was carried out through Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Societies and the District Unions. The collected quantity is sold through open tenders/auctions either in advance or after godowning. However, all gums except Kullu Gum have been taken out of the list of specified produce in 2003.



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