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Formulation of Policies for 'Encouragement of Private Investments in MFP Processing Sector in Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh State Minor Forest Produce Federation is dealing with the collection and trade of four nationalized MFPs (Tendu leaf, Harra, Sal seeds and Gums) and a number of non-nationalized MFPs through 1068 Primary Cooperative Societies, distributed all over the state.

These MFPs play a major role in the life of the tribals and forest dwellers. out of the total livelihood earned by a tribal throughout the year, a major portion is contributed through these MFPs. Although the poor tribal is not able to earn the real worth of these MFPs as most of these MFPs are sold in raw form. In order to give appropriate value of these MFPs to the tribals and to increase their average earnings, the state government has taken a decision that efforts should be made so that MFPs should be transported out of state only in processed form. These MFPs should first be processed within the state and the value added product should be exported to bigger markets. This will also give better employment opportunities to poor villagers of this state as various small and large scale processing units will be installed within the state.

Installation of these units will also enhance the opportunities of private investments in this sector. In order to encourage private investments in this field, the state government is in the process of formulating policies and strategies. In this regard, MPMFP Federation calls for your valuable advice/ suggestions, which can be helpful in formulating policies regarding "Encouragement of Private Investments in MFP Processing Sector.'

Kindly send your valuable suggestions at the following address . You may also send your suggestion via email on the address provided below.

Thanking you.

Managing Director,
Madhya Pradesh State Minor Forest Produce Federation Ltd.,
Sports Complex, Indira Nikunj, 74 Bungalows, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - 462003.
Email : mdmfpfed@sancharnet.in

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