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Poverty is a complex phenomenon. Apart from the macro economic problems, the degradation and restricted access of the poor, to the available material and environmental assets also fundamentally trap the poor in their circumstances. Poverty in turn leads to further degradation of the natural assets and circumscribes the limited access the poor have over the natural resources. This constitutes the vicious circle of poverty particularly in the resource rich but underdeveloped areas with undefined and inequitable access of the poor to the common property resources.

Psychological dimensions of poverty due to lack of voice, power, independence and exploitation leading to feeling of stigma, shame, helplessness, humiliation and marginalization are more painful than the poverty itself. Women are the worst sufferers, because in addition to the shocks and misery inflicted on them, they become vulnerable to increased crimes both in public and at home.

Mother nature has provided enough for the need though it may not suffice the greed. Paradoxically, there is poverty amidst plenty. In most of the tropical countries poverty map broadly tallies with forests which are rich depository of biodiversity. Targeting on broad range of goods and services in terms of physical, material, human, social and environmental assets in conjunction with appropriate entitlement regime, People's Protected Area (PPA) envisions a proactive and people's friendly framework so that it becomes Poor People's Pool Of Assets (PPA) for meaningful poverty alleviation and enhanced well being.

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