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Will the PPA's replace existing PA's?


The existing Protected Area Network (PAN) clearly demarcates the forest areas within which there are legal and administrative binding and restrictions as per the Wild life Protection Act,1972. PPA on the other hand is the epitome of decentralization and devolution of forest managment. Addressing the felt need of the people, particularly in buffer zone, fringe areas and corridors of National Parks and Sancturies, PPAs will provide much needed security to the PAs.

It is reiterated that the underlying philosophy of the People's Protected Areas (PPA) is evolving Sustainable Livelihood Approach with Biodiversity Conservation (SLAB).

How PPA is different from Eco-development?

Eco-development is alternative income generation and exclusionary conservation approach for reducing the negative impact of the people on PA. The inbuilt denial and deprivation of natural endowment results in 'passive participation'.

How PPA is different from Joint Forest Managment (JFM)?

The Government of india Resolution on JFM (June, 1990) provided for involvement of village communities in regeneration of degraded forests on the basis of sharing benefits and forest protection responsibilities.(The GOI Resolution, February 2000 has extended this to cover good forests also but the modalities are yet to be worked out). Thus, JFM has been perceived as a forest department programme in which people participate. Whereas PPA involves a paradigm shift from forest managment to Eco-system managment in which socio-economic well being of the people is the goal and forests are viewed as a means to achieve it.

In the ultimate analysis, PPA is a people's programme; owned and managed by them and the state acting as a facilitator only.

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