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Main Works of the District Unions

  1. To implement the works of Tendu Green Leafs trade as per the policies of the Government.

  2. To inspect the works of the Societies and to ensure that all the prescribed works are being carried out by them properly.

  3. To ensure that pruning was carried out properly and that the Hessian cloth provided by the Federation reached the headquarters of the Society either as bags or as cloth for stitching bags.

  4. To obtain the funds from the Federation for Tendu Green Leafs collection and other related works and to distribute it to the Managers or Phad Munshis (a person appointed to keep accounts and control collection at the collection centre) through banks, to get the accounts from Societies and other persons engaged in collection works and to submit the accounts to the Federation regularly.

  5. To transport the Tendu Green Leafs collected to the godowns either through the Societies or by their own arrangements.

  6. To ensure that the labourers were paid at the sanctioned rates.

  7. To carry out similar operations in respect of Sal Seed, Chebulic Myrobolan and gums.

  8. To Provide help and guidance to the primary societies in the collection & trade of non-nationalised MFP's.

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